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This page was created to give all students/parents an opportunity to keep track of what is going on in my chemistry class. Here you will find each weeks agendas, electronic documents, powerpoint lectures, and anything else related to the class.
Take a look to the left toolbar to find your teachers agenda along with a digital copy of your textbook, and links to your powerpoints and worksheets in the notes and documents.

Be Sure to learn the following elements names and symbols: 1-38,47,48,50,51,53-56,74,78-80,82,86,92,94
Clink on the link to view the interactive periodic table. periodic table
Here is the periodic table that is provided for you on the 1st day of class, incase you lose yours:
Here is a copy of the mole road map:

Do you want to know how your grade? Visit the link below and you can play with your grade to help you figure out what you need on your exam, or what you need for each quarter to pass. For the % of Sem. grade, enter 40, 40, 20.
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